What is CrossGuard?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,”
– Benjamin Franklin

CrossGuard BV is a YesDelft! start-up with a fundamentally different view on hand protection. With an engineer’s approach to design, we create safety gloves that offer the best protection against physical impact without limiting motoric freedom.

Our motto is: “protection without compromise” and with our first product, the ProGauntlet, we’re well on our way to set a new standard in Armed Martial Arts equipment.

In the future, our technology will make a difference in other applications, such as Law Enforcement, Heavy Industry and other sports. Once you can protect the hand against a steel sword, the rest is a walk in the park.

CrossGuard Casting Systems
Due to the complex nature of our personalised products, they simply cannot be made with conventional plastic moulding methods. This is why we have developed our own production system that allows us to cast a high variety of complex shapes at a fraction of traditional moulding costs.

We’re open for limited production orders
If you have a difficult low volume production order that requires a high variety of shapes in high performance plastics, contact us.

Future Projects

The Team

CrossGuard is the company that will bring you innovative solutions on protective sports gear


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CrossGuard B.V.
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The Netherlands


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